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USA – the most desired destination of every individual in the world. What makes USA so sought-after is the freedom of life that every American enjoys. In all the countries of the world I have travelled – Americans enjoy the most balanced and organized life on planet Earth. A classic 7-day week of an American comprises of a chock-a-block on-schedule 5 working days ending in restful evenings, followed by a full-on rocking weekend enjoyed with family, friends and plenty of self-time. The week concludes by a Mission Organization Sunday – where the complete household gets ready to start a fresh week of growth, fulfilment and joy. A society that lives by this golden rule can have no qualms about success and prosperity.



Capital City: Washington, D.C.
National Independence: July 4, 1776
Population: 298,444,215 (July 2006 est.)
Land Area: 9,375,720 sq. km.
Language : English
Religion : Christanity

Government: Constitution-based federal republic
Currency: US dollar (USD)

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America is also the world’s most chosen land for education by international students. The education pattern of USA tenders the best practical approach towards any major and concurrently students are exposed to one of the world’s best economic and social infrastructure. From state of the art universities to community colleges, US offers students the largest variety of course and majors to opt. The majority of bachelors and masters programs are followed by a one-year Practical Training period or PT, that allows students to stay another year in USA after completion of their studies and seek employment to gain practical experience. USA is also the best choice for PhD programs in various majors. If a students opts for a PhD program from US.


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Get information from top USA universities, colleges and schools sent to you, a free service for international students wanting to study in the USA. These top USA universities, USA colleges and USA schools are actively recruiting international students now.This section explains what the USA education system has to offer each international student and why you should study in the US. Discussed are

common misconceptions about USA study.There even is a list of some famous international students who obtained a USA education at one of the many top USA universities, USA colleges and USA schools. A must read for those considering US study.


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