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United Kingdom is a country rich in culture, heritage, economy, and social values. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland unite to form the nation of United Kingdom, but at the same time maintain their own individuality, spirit and freedom. This is the essence of UK, which can be further observed in its community and culture. Walking through the streets of London, travelling through the world’s first urban underground railway, enjoying a fun weekend evening in Covent Garden or enjoying the affluent work culture in your daily schedule – you can see natives and immigrants from different countries, cultures and ethnicities flourishing together in one spirit and yet maintaining their own free world of individuality.



Capital City: London
Population: 61,838,154 (2009)
Land Area: 4324782 sq. km.
Language : English
Religion : Christanity

Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Currency: British Pound

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UK also offers a Working Holiday Maker Visa or WHMV for individual who wish to travel and work in UK. It is a holiday visa that allows you to spend a couple of years in UK for the purpose of travel and vacation, and take up part time jobs in between to support yourself. WHMV is a great option for young individuals who want to explore the beauty and cultural opulence of UK and meanwhile get the practical exposure of the international work culture. To find the opportunities available for you in UK, take our Online Assessment and get the benefit of our Free Consultation - we are here to help you 24x7x365.


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Education in UK is of the highest level and quality. Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and Warwick are the synonyms of best education. UK has 124 fine universities with the best of faculties, courses and education systems. UK education offers the best technological and global exposure to students in myriad majors. UK also offers the best International Graduate Schemes providing international students an opportunity to gain practical exposure to strengthen the knowledge they have acquired through their education in UK. International Graduate Schemes offered to students studying in UK and earning a meritorious educational profile, has been offered by UK government to encourage them to take up career in UK and giving them a transitional route to other immigration categories.


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UK Immigration pays importance to the adaptability and eligibility factor in designing immigration rules. The UK immigration laws follow the Point Based System. The Tier 1 category introduced on 1st April 2008 in India replaces the Highly Skilled Migrant Program or HSMP visa and is designed for skilled professionals, investors and entrepreneurs. In Tier 1 visa class individuals are assessed on the basis of educational background, experience, english proficiency and skill sets. Tier 1 visa class, perviously known as Highly Skilled Migrant Program or HSMP allows a skilled immigrant to stay in UK for three years to enhance their careers and further giving them a chance to become Permanent Residents.


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