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Do you have 15 minutes to devote for a bright and secure future? Do you wish to live a quality life with the balance of fun, work, family and self contentment, in one of the world’s most desired destinations? Take our free online assessment, provide us the basic information about your profile, send us your resume and we will be right back with the best possible opportunities for you available worldwide. Our globally aware, connected, experienced and well-travelled expert counsellors can be reached online 24x7x365. We have chosen the best in the industry to provide you with the best available immigration opportunities worldwide.



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Your future is important to us, and at 24x7x365 HR Worldwide we make it our personal responsibility to choose the best options- work permits, immigration, permanent residency, education or career graphing and management - we do it with complete honesty and dedication. We have opportunities for you in UK, Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Denmark, Hong Kong and many such developed and rich countries.

What happens when you take the Free Online Assessment ?

Connect with the Experts – you immediately connect with our global experts sitting in our offices worldwide and you get the best immigration, visa, career and job advise.

Online Profile – as soon as submit your information, you will be assigned a Ticket ID which will be like your ID card for Twenty 4 Seven 365 HR Worldwide. The ticket ID is connected to your online profile generated with us and is accessible by all our team members worldwide. The access to your online profile is granted to through a User ID and Password, that is emailed to you with our welcome message to your email id which you provide to us. The online profile is your lifelong connection with us, you can communicate to us with the online profile, update your information with us anytime, from anywhere and stay connected to the world’s most expert and informed immigration, education and HR team.

Free Assessment Result – your profile is assessed by our trained assessors for worldwide opportunities available for immigration, education and jobs. Our team member will contact you with the most honest, complete and genuine assessment report. Our assessment is based on the information you provide us in our assessment form, your resume’, the present immigration laws of the countries, the best career opportunities for you as per your profile, and as per the standards of the governing bodies of the countries.

Free Consultation – After assessment of your profile you can schedule an appointment with our expert counselors for further discussion of your immigration or education case. We understand the busy schedule of our clients and the global connectivity of today’s world – and thus we offer online consultations as well to make things easier and faster for you. We have clients not only from all parts of India but the world, they found us through the Cyber world and we are serving them online with maximum efficiency, speed and transparency.

You Get What You Expect – Right from day one all our communications are accompanied with documentation. A written word for every spoken word. The counselling session is followed by our qualifying letters that are emailed to your with the record of the prospects discussed with you during consultation, the process details, our services and the benefits you can expect in the new land of resettlement. On initiation of process we sign official contracts with you that enlists everything that has been discussed in relation to the processing of your case and the entire process of your immigration and resettlement or education.

Friend for Life – We are there for you always – 24x7x365. Our relationship starts when you complete and submit your online assessment form and continues for life. Whenever and wherever you need assistance or guidance in terms of immigration, visas, education, career management or advise on matters of life – your online profile is your connection to your friend who is always there for you with the right advise, genuine information and efficient team of professionals. We go way beyond the promises of monetary expectations – we stay connected 24x7x365.


















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