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We are partners and conveners who can help gather the resources, thought and energy needed to create and sustain change. Many of our relationships are long-term, with some spanning over a decade of successful collaboration.



24X7X365 HR WORLDWIDE is dedicated to supporting the education and development of children and youth to become well-educated, self-sustaining, responsible, and contributing members of their communities and society. We keep young people at the center of our thinking and the primary focus in all we do.

We are committed to creating powerful partnerships with those who work toward sustainable, scalable, and system-wide change for all young people, especially those who are most in need.

Our partners share the following characteristics:


Support and engage in continuous learning and improvement.

Demonstrate.  Succeed.  Spread.  Engage in practice that informs policy.

Recognize the needs of vulnerable youth, and a commitment to bolster their education and development.

Find, work with, and support the expert implementers and change agents.

Build a culture of collaboration; work with others to create a movement.

Invest in irresistible information to drive evidence-based decision making.

Work on public policy with an incisive role in contributing to statewide system improvement.





Thank you for your interest in partnering with us. If you wish to learn more about becoming our partner and discuss partnership opportunities please contact our representative at + 91 9891093263, 9818932348, 9212456897 or by e-mail info@24x7x365hrworldwide.com. You can also fill a simple form by click on button and our representative will contact you within five business days.  
























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