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Twenty 4 Seven 365 Education Worldwide (Immigration consultant) is an assemblage of services designed to create a world of support and guidance for the Gen‐neXt Students. The educational and professional profiles of our core management team with rich international exposure, the young management minds understanding the interior of the dreams and desires of today’s student, the most advanced IT approach and the most happening and exciting pattern of educational counseling and workshops have made our company the first choice of the Gen‐neXt student. Twenty 4 Seven 365 Education Worldwide ‐ division of Twenty 4 Seven 365 Group of Companies was launched to provide Indian students a life‐support system where they could be guided towards making the right career choices, the right education decisions and to help them find the perfect fit of an educational institute matching with the requirements and demands of their chosen career.


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Vision on Learning

Twenty 4 Seven 365 Education Worldwide Our vision on learning: Facilitating learning processes of individuals and groups. We believe that development is fundamentally about change and transformation, facilitated by processes of learning. Learning itself has only little to do with the availability of information or with a mere transfer of knowledge. This was already acknowledged by Confucius around 450 B.C.: Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.


Twenty 4 Seven 365 Education Worldwide At Twenty 4 Seven 365 Education Worldwide it has been our commitment to the students, their parents and the society at large that we will provide high quality of consultation by way of ensuring the requisite Institute culture, faculty, courses, pedagogy, infrastructure & facilities and organizational networking which would ensure that the students develop the capability and competence required to perform and deliver results in the organizations where they work in the future.


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Choosing and pursuing the right career has become extremely difficult in the changing time. Career planning certainly requires an Expert Guidance in terms of gaining insight into the educational opportunities available in India as well as abroad. Acquaintance with the prerequisites of admission and other formalities involved in the process, are equally important. Twenty 4 Seven 365 Education Worldwide provides students the best combination of education, career and settlement counseling. The years that launch you in the world of career and competitions....the decision to choose the right career path, the right choice of subjects and streams, the right career graph and the correct career management are the key foundations that ensure a bright and interesting future for you. You are the Generation Next...born in the times of technology and speed - you have a zillion options in front of you. It is not a cross-road anymore. It is a point of your life that leads to various and numerous destinations. Ask yourself before following in the footsteps of a friend or a relative - Is this really what I want to do?

Brilliantly appreciated by “The Toronto Star” newspaper of Canada for the years of guidance to students towards the top educational institutes of Canada - We at 24x7x365 HR Worldwide.....design your career as you want it to be, the ultimate Career Graph that will take you on a journey towards an interesting, fun and bright career life. Our Personal Counsellors work with you and help you shape up your skills and interests, using the right tools and analysis - its all about you and what you want from life with the accurate blending of what will work the best for you. This is the time to explore your skills, your interests and your choices. What you need at this moment is the right advice and the unbiased guidance. Anyone or any search engine can give you a zillion answers to your queries like 'undergarduate universities', 'best BBA courses', 'australia engineering universities', 'best canadian colleges'.....so on and so forth. But will they be able to give you the human touch and tell you which is best course, best college and the best career for YOU...and most importantly answer the question 'WHY' ?  


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This is just the beginning of a New Journey for a child and he has to be guided for the next phase professionally – a phase of getting job related services after his education program , a phase to start the settlement process worldwide and the country where he has gone through a rigorous process of becoming a professional, a phase where he should know how to create a resume to be part of the job market worldwide, a phase where he need to be taught how to negotiate his salary, how to create his own brand in the market as a great employee and how to grow far from this fierce competition and how to realize your and his own dreams in the journey of life. We feel proud to say that we are the only company which is providing life coaching and mentoring services to our clients- to make sure they are taught to be rich in all spheres of their life- let it be health, wealth, wisdom and Happiness - we are available at your doorstep at any part or corner of the world. We wish you and your family a happy, prosperous and contented life!

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