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Australia is currently at full employment, with unemployment levels less than 4.5% & continuing to decline - creating a shortage of candidates. This trend adds to more pressure on employers & recruiters to attract & secure potential workers. This dilemma of Australian skill force holds unlimited opportunities for YOU. Australia with its high-growth, low-inflation, low interest rate economy, is increasingly becoming the most sought after destination for migrants. Sydney and Melbourne have been repeatedly voted as the top cities offering the best living conditions in the world. Australia has enjoyed a high standard of living and has made a comparatively large investment in social infrastructure, including education, training, health and transport.



Capital City: Canberra
Population: 21,874,900 (2009)
Land Area: 7682300sq. km.
Language :English
Religion : Christanity

Government:Federal Parliamentary Democracy
Currency: Australian Dollar (AD)

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Group of Twenty 4 Seven 365 HR Worldwide is the leading provider of Australian immigration advice and is regulated by the norms of Australian immigration authorities. We have assisted hundreds of professionals in their legal immigration & resettlement to Australia. Twenty 4 Seven 365 HR Worldwide is your best choice if you are looking for skilled immigration, state sponsorship immigration plan, Australian employer sponsored visa or family sponsorship. Twenty 4 Seven 365 HR Worldwide Pty. Ltd., is our registered company in Australia – with our own office in Australia and our associate registration with MARA as a registered immigration agent, and years of experience in the Australia immigration industry, we bring the best services to cater every need in immigration and resettlement.


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Twenty 4 Seven 365 Education Worldwide helps students to connect with the best institutes for education in Australia. International students in Australia can expect a plethora of educational perks like in Australia you will receive affordable education with competitive tuition prices and numerous financial aid possibilities. Students have fantastic housing options and meaningful classroom experiences to look forward to. Students can pursue degrees at all levels in Australia, including vocational certificates, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees. Australia has their significant share in the world’s top university listings with University of Sydney, Melbourne Business School and Australia National University offering the best MBA and Masters Degree programs in diverse technical and professional fields. Connect with us now to know the best education options for YOU in Australia.


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100,000 new positions were created only in the first quarter of 2011 in Australia – evidence of the country’s economic recovery and growth. The 2011 March quarter Clarius Skills Index rose to 100.3 index points, just above the 100 mark that indicate a balanced labour market. The report said skills shortages were most noticeable in the construction, building and engineering categories. Infrastructure development combined with the resources boom and major information technology (IT) projects were putting a strain on the availability of skills. Twenty 4 Seven 365 HR Worldwide helps connect professionals with the right opportunities waiting for them in Australia and gain the eligibility to legally live and work in Australia. Our team in Australia is extensively involved in building a strong network with the top employers of Australia and provides our immigrant clients the foundation career coaching to help gain beneficial employment.


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